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My new project
2015-08-20 14:42:40
Emmanouil Chourdakis

Hello, Mimovi!

Hit and Run Trombone edit
2015-05-16 11:15:59
Kylie Earl

Fron Radio KWG Hit and Run. 

Nick Parry ITTP
2013-11-26 19:17:08
William Buchanan

@broadcasttv show Pinewood

Frank Boyd on Destination local Event
2013-11-16 16:35:19
William Buchanan
    Destination local event London.

AIMES Grid Services
2013-04-18 14:39:47
Gary King

AIMES Grid Services has been providing commercial data centre services including co-location, hosting, data backup and managed services since 2005 and has been providing business continuity services since 2009.

Aimes 2
2013-03-08 14:02:00
William Buchanan


BBC News TV Centre
2013-02-07 13:10:54
William Buchanan

Quick Edit. 

Three locations test
2012-12-04 10:17:21
William Buchanan

Midhurst, Henley, London.

Three locations test
2012-12-04 10:12:39
William Buchanan

Midhurst, Henley, Chichester.

Three locations test
2012-12-04 10:03:57
William Buchanan

Midhurst, Henley, Chichester.

LNN - Best of Compilation
2011-09-26 20:15:31
Derek Scanlon

Final output featuring the best news stories produced during the 4 week pilot project.. .

LNN Week 4 - final output
2011-09-26 14:02:02
Derek Scanlon

final week 4 content - published 1st July 2011

LNN week 3 - final output
2011-09-26 12:48:55
Derek Scanlon

Final outputs in week 3 - published friday 24th June 2011

LNN Week 2 - final output
2011-09-26 12:10:11
Derek Scanlon

Final outputs for week 2 - Friday June 17th

LNN Week 1 - final output
2011-09-26 11:06:17
Derek Scanlon

LNN final incomplete output from all submissions with placeholder where content is missing - June 13th

Studio Presenter - Camera Tests
2011-09-26 10:14:36
Derek Scanlon

Test of video and audio quality from Sony EX1 XDCAM, Canon 550D SLR, Sony MiniDV and Fuji Finepix.

LNN Week 1 - final output
2011-08-08 19:57:37
Derek Scanlon

LNN final incomplete output from all submissions with placeholder where content is missing - June 13th

Goodwood Festival of Speed
2011-07-31 13:02:08
William Buchanan

Mixture of iphone footage, crowd sourced and archive footage with commentary created on iphone.

"LNN Week 4 - final output"
2011-07-27 18:26:02
William Buchanan

Empty project ready for week 4 content

"LNN Week 3 - final output"
2011-07-27 18:25:48
William Buchanan

Final outputs for week 3. Includes new title animation and music. Waiting for additional stories from SU [news, lifestyle and Sport] and Hertfordshire [tbc]. Hoping for some additional materials from RPPtv [lifestyle].

Will also eventually include new Headlines and Links from Nick, Emma during early July.

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